Matchmaking for Games

Build multiplayer games with advanced matchmaking features. Polynect is a service that lets you add matchmaking features similar to those of popular games with a simple HTTP API. Take your game to a new level with matchmaking features including teams, roles and real-time updates.

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With a HTTP based API, any backend can easily make use of Polynect Matchmaking. If you are BaaS provider, you can integrate Polynect as a part of your service to provide more value to your developers.


Using websockets, players can receive updates of changes to a match in real-time. If a player joins or leaves, other players will immedietely be notified, without polling. It can easily be implemented for any platform that support websockets.


Some multiplayer games require players to take on certain roles. With Polynect, this is incredibly easy to configure with minumum and maximum limits for each custom role. Roles are then automatically assigned to players based on what roles they can or choose to take on.

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