Attributes can be used to find players of similar skill level, rank, game setting of interest, etc. An attribute has a type of either same, close or interval. These are used to match players with each other based on their configuration and player specific data and user input. For instance, same may be used together with user input for players who want to play in either casual or ranked mode, whereas close may be used to only match with opponents who are of similar rank, which may be stored in your backend.


Roles, when configured, are assigned automatically to players based on their capabilities or choice. It is a common game design in MMORPGs in which a group of players take on roles such as tanks, healers and damage dealers before entering a dungeon.


With a teams configuration, a match can be composed out of multiple separate matches to support team based gameplay. All the other configurations works for teams as well and apply for each team. So the roles configuration can specify that each team should have for example 1 tank and 2 healers each, while an attribute configuration can be used to make sure that players in each team are of the same faction with a same configuration

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