With PlayFab you can store game and player data which can be used for matchmaking with Polynect. Also, PlayFab authentication makes it possible to use Polynect in a secure way directly from the game client.


To enable the PlayFab integration, go to the game's settings in Polynect and click the toggle button. You should also specify the game's Title ID from PlayFab.

Authenticate with PlayFab

After the player has signed in to PlayFab on the game client, the game client can then start matchmaking with Polynect. Given the session ticket retrieved after signing in, the client can authenticate with Polynect by using it in the Authorization header in HTTP requests like this (without the curly braces):

Authorization: PlayFab {session_ticket}

Matchmaking requests

Using the session ticket, the player's custom data is retrieved and can be used for matchmaking. A character ID can also be specified to use a character's custom data if needed by the game's matchmaking configuration.

gameyesThe ID of the game to match forstring
characternoPlayFab character ID to use the custom data set on a character for matchmaking.string
optionsnoKey value pairs if needed by the game's matchmaking configuration.object
POST http://api.polynect.io/v1/matches/match
Authorization: PlayFab <session_ticket>
  "game": <polynect_game_id>,
  "character": <playfab_character_id>,
  "options": {
    <key>: <value>

See the getting started guide for a description of the matchmaking request response.

Got an idea for a game?

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