With webhooks, Polynect can send a message to your backend when an event occurs.


To configure a webhooks, you need to specify a URL to your webserver wtih a path for handling hooks. You can also select which events you are interested in by checking the checkboxes underneath. As of now, only match_init is supported, but more may come in the future and are disabled by default.

Securing Webhooks

To make sure that the requests coming to your hooks endpoint actually come from us, a combination of a secret and signature header can be used. The secret is generated automatically when first saving the webhooks configuration. To use this secret in your webserver, the request body should be hashed with sha256 together with the secret and then compare the result with the X-Hub-Signature header. If the strings don't match, then an incorrect secret was used to create the request and the message should be ignored.

Got an idea for a game?

We would love to hear about it and to discuss how to best integrate it with Polynect. Other business inquiries are also welcome. Please write to adam@polynect.io

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