Polynect is a new service for matchmaking in multiplayer games. It is built to be flexible enough to support most types of gameplay, whether it is a first-person shooter or a co-operative real-time strategy game. It is currently in open beta and completely free to try out. If you are a game developer, this is a great time to also suggest what features you would be interested in.

How do I use it?

When a player wants to start looking for a match, a request should be sent to your game's backend, player specific information is retrieved from your database and an HTTP request is made to Polynect's API with the player data and any options the user may have provided. Polynect's powerful matchmaking system takes care of finding the best match according to the game's configuration. The response is a match object that contains the current state of the match with all the players currently in the match. A status field on the match indicate whether the match is still waiting for more players or if it is finished so the game can start.

The match's ID can be returned to the client so that the client can setup a WebSocket connection to Polynect's API to receive updates of changes in realtime. Alternatively, the client can use your backend as a proxy to poll Polynect's API for the status of the match.

What do I need?

Polynect is a stand-alone service with a RESTful API and is not dependent on any specific platform or programming language. To get the most out of the service and its features, there should be some player information that can be used for better matching. If you would prefer to not have your own backend, Polynect is integrated with PlayFab, which can provide authentication, player data management and other features.

Got an idea for a game?

We would love to hear about it and to discuss how to best integrate it with Polynect. Other business inquiries are also welcome. Please write to adam@polynect.io

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